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The Atelier

ARCHIDEMIC is a multidisciplinary practice, in the manner of an atelier, that approaches the design of the built environment as an endeavor worth of rigorous thought and engaging process.  The practice is dedicated to the creation of iconic, thought fully tailored, bespoke works of architecture. 

The studio's work is tailored with a deft and studious historical hand tempered and unrestrained with knowledge that architecture dwells within a continuum.  Our houses are classical in a broad sense but with an edge; an elusive psyche inherent in our work.  Evident through carefully tailored proportion and exquisitely curated through the minutia, the work turns the head back for a second lingering gaze.

Focused on our acclaimed clients, the studio purposely maintains a limited project allotment at any specific time.  


Principal Mark Moehring has over 20 years of experience in custom residential, boutique hospitality, amenity, and destination design evident in architecture in locations throughout the Caribbean, southeastern US, Middle East, and Europe.   Moehring practiced throughout the Caribbean while based in historic Key West for almost a decade before returning to practice in the Carolinas.

Mark Moehring is an active leader in the Charleston architectural community.  He is the president of CRAN Charleston for 2017.  The Custom Residential Architects Network is an AIA community with a membership of over 70 local Architects and architectural firms.  Moehring was president in 2016, and vice president in 2015.

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